Adekunle Gold Praises Ghana for Nurturing Nigerian Celebrities

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Gati Jesse

Published on May 25, 2024

Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold has attributed his success and that of many Nigerian celebrities to the welcoming and positive environment of Ghana. Highlighting Ghana’s unique culture of acceptance and growth.

Ghana has made so many Nigerian celebrities,” Adekunle Gold shared in a recent interview. “Ghana accepts everybody; they don’t care about where you come from. I feel like if you are struggling to be heard, go to Ghana.” His words resonate with many, reflecting Ghana’s reputation as a nurturing ground for artists seeking to develop their craft and gain recognition.

Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold’s journey to stardom underscores his sentiments. In 2017, facing challenges in his career, he decided to relocate to Ghana. There, he worked on his album and released it, experiencing firsthand the supportive and inspiring environment that Ghana offers. “The energy in Ghana is so positive, and everyone is welcoming. That’s the place for growth,” he emphasized.

Adekunle is not alone in his praise for Ghana. “This is true; almost all Nigerian artistes at a point in their lives lived in Ghana. Even Burna Boy,” he noted. Many Nigerian artists have found solace and success in Ghana, drawn by its vibrant culture, hospitality, and the opportunities it presents.

Ghana is one of the best countries in Africa,” Adekunle declared, reaffirming the country’s standing as a beacon of cultural richness and artistic growth. His statement has not only elevated Ghana’s profile but also encouraged other aspiring artists to consider the country as a pivotal stop in their career journeys.

Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold’s revelation has sent ripples through the entertainment industry, bringing a renewed focus on Ghana’s role in shaping the careers of many celebrated Nigerian artists. It highlights Ghana’s potential as a premier destination for creative talents across Africa and beyond.

There is no denying Ghana’s influence on the entertainment scene in Africa. Its welcoming attitude toward artists from various backgrounds encourages a special kind of cross-cultural communication and cooperation that elevates the artistic production of the continent. The nation’s lively nightlife, music festivals, and cooperative attitude make it a great place for musicians to flourish.

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