Akateng a nice town in the Eastern region



Published on August 25, 2022

Akateng is a charming area in Ghana’s Eastern region that draws tourists and locals alike for retail therapy.

The River Afram, which flows from the town of Akateng to nearby villages and towns, serves as the community’s water supply. The 100 kilometre long Afram River is a vital tributary of the Volta Lake. It gathers all the kwahu  plateau’s drainage, from a south western direction the river flows.The River gives the residents access to water and food (fish) for their daily needs

A little child near the River Afram’s bank in Akateng
A nice rock close to the River
A broken-down canoe beside the riverbank
Having taken a bath in the River, a young man is sitting in a canoe.
These wooden barrows are employed for bringing and transporting cargo into the town from the riverbank.
River view

Author Yesse Mufasa Theirson




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