Behind The Melodies of JahPlaka

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on March 3, 2023

Behind the melodies of JahPlaka , Exploring the Musical Journey of Joshua Plakoo better known by his stage name Jahplaka. 

His is a Ghanaian contemporary reggae singer and songwriter. He was born on December 31, 1995. 

His most well-known song is “Listen Up,” which became a success. 

An ex-student of Sogakofe Senior High, his first EP, “Vitamin C,” soon gained fans thanks to its intelligent lyrics.

The Melodies of JahPlaka

 Born and raised in Abeka Lapas, Ghana. At the age of 6, he began performing songs that his mother had taught him in front of his father’s church. 

He was the second of five children born into a musical family; his mother was a chorister and his father was a pastor . 

A  former member of the Ghanaian band Explosive Confusion in the early 1970s. 

He co-wrote “How Long,” one of his greatest works from his debut studio album Vitamin C.

After listening to greats like Buju Banton, Damian Marley, and Busta Rhymes, Plaka developed a love for reggae and rap music. 

He began writing and rewriting songs, which he then performed for his friends.  Jahplaka battle rapped all through high school, and in 2013 he recorded his debut demo.

Around this period, the reggae and hip hop elements in his music started to blend more and more steadily. 

He is currently a fan of traditional reggae, dancehall, and hip-hop, and his clever blending of these genres is rapidly expanding his fan base throughout the world. 

Jahplaka’s style has evolved to be more contemplative and scathingly critical of problems that are prevalent in society as a whole, with an emphasis on inspiring thought rather than amusement. The Young got some serious Dance moves in his DNA which is so beautiful to watch.

His innovative approach distinguishes him from his contemporaries by incorporating the social and spiritual concerns of roots reggae into a variety of genres.             

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