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The Untold Story of the Maverick Founder and CEO Behind Location Accra and Vx Travel and Tour! Kofi Anim Danso MBA

On June 2nd, 1989, Kofi Anim Danso was born in Ghana. Married to a fantastic and attractive woman, and they have wonderful children together. London School of Commerce, Foundation Degree. Kofi Anim Danso MBA earned his master’s in business administration (international business) from Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK, London. And in KNUST, he received his BSC in Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics. Kofi Anim-Danso received an award for “Best Male Entrepreneur of 2021” with the Young Achievers Awards. How Kofi Anim Danso is Shaping the Travel Industry Kofi Anim Danso is not your average CEO. With a burning passion for travel, he embarked on a mission to redefine how people experience the world. His visionary approach has taken Location Accra and Vx Travel & Tour from a small startup to industry giants, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Discover the secrets behind his trailblazing success and learn how he’s reshaping the future of travel!                    Jet-Setting Innovator: The Mind-Blowing Technologies Introduced by Kofi Anim Danso Prepare to have your mind blown as we delve into the innovative technologies introduced by Kofi Anim Danso. From virtual reality travel experiences that transport you to exotic destinations without leaving your couch, to cutting-edge booking platforms that make planning your dream vacation a breeze, his technological marvels are revolutionizing the industry. Explore the groundbreaking ideas and inventions that are putting Kofi Anim Danso at the forefront of travel innovation! Unraveling the Secrets of Kofi Amin Danso’s Success: Insider Scoop Revealed What sets Kofi Anim Danso apart from other CEOs? Dive deep into his success playbook as we reveal the insider secrets that have propelled him to greatness. From his uncanny ability to spot travel trends before they hit the mainstream to his unmatched leadership skills that inspire teams to achieve the extraordinary, Kofi Anim Danso is a force to be reckoned with. Kofi Anim Danso’s Humanitarian Initiatives That Are Changing Lives Beyond business, Kofi Anim Danso is making a significant impact on society. Discover his philanthropic endeavors that are changing lives around the world. From supporting local communities in underprivileged areas to empowering youth through education and mentorship programs, Kofi Anim Danso MBA is using his success to create a positive ripple effect. Find out how this visionary CEO is turning dreams into reality for those in need! What’s Next? Kofi Anim Danso MBA Exciting Future Plans Unveiled As the CEO of Location Accra and Vx Travel & Tour, Kofi Anim Danso MBA is always one step ahead. Discover the exciting future plans that are sure to reshape the travel industry as we know it. With his visionary mindset and determination to make a difference, Kofi Anim Danso is set to introduce more game-changing innovations, expand into new markets, and inspire a new generation of travelers. Brace yourself for the thrilling journey that lies ahead.                                      ACHIEVEMENTS The “Golden Touch”: A Glimpse into Kofi Anim Danso’s Award-Winning Streak Winner of the FortyUnder40 Africa Awards (Hospitality) – Received a certificate of appreciation from the Mayor of Luton, UK, for his outstanding hard work and support in the African tourism industry (Ghana-UK AFFAIRS) – Was named the overall Entrepreneur of the Year for 2022 , Best Male Entrepreneur 2021 by Young Achievers Summit -Location Accra won Emerging Brand of the Year 2021, Consistent Brand of the Year in 2022. – Culture Culture – United Kingdom, Ghana; and a partner of the Kente Festival in the United Kingdom, and Miss Tourism Ghana, United Kingdom. – Former Logistics Supply Specialist of the British Armed Forces – United Kingdom – Earned his MBA (International Business) Cardiff Metropolitan University and Foundation degree at London School of Commerce. – Honorary Award by Ghana businesses Awards and Global Top CEO Awards When it comes to awards, Kofi Anim Danso is no stranger to the winner’s podium. Explore the impressive collection of accolades he has amassed throughout his career. He is a well-driven individual and has good leadership qualities. A great entrepreneur with amazing in- terpersonal relationships and communication skill connecting the diaspora to the Motherland. His accolades are a testament to his exceptional leadership and groundbreaking contributions to the tourism industry. Discover the secret behind his “golden touch” and the qualities that make him a true champion! Kofi Anim Danso MBA pioneering spirit and dedication to innovation have revolutionized the travel landscape. Delve into the game-changing inventions and groundbreaking initiatives he has introduced to the industry. From sustainable tourism practices that protect the environment to cutting-edge technologies that enhance the traveler’s experience, his visionary impact is felt far and wide. Prepare to be amazed by his award-winning innovations that are shaping the future of travel. What sets Kofi Anim Danso apart as an exceptional leader? Take a closer look at the qualities that have garnered him recognition and admiration. From his unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction to his ability to inspire and empower his team, Kofi Anim Danso’s leadership style is the epitome of excellence. Unravel the secrets behind his award-winning approach and learn how to lead with impact.                                     ABOUT LOCATION ACCRA                Location Accra Brought in Africans in the diaspora since its establishment. A partner in 2019’s year of return and Official tour partners of Afrochella ( Now Afrofuture) Also, Location Accra are Organizers of KenteFest and Miss Tourism Ghana UK and Emerging brand of the year (Young Achievers Awards 2021). Location Accra is acclaimed the Number one tour operator registered in the United Kingdom, USA and Duly operates in Ghana for the past 5 years. They can boast of a total number of over 2180 clients to over 15 key destinations across Ghana in top notch luxury shuttle buses and dedicated SUV’s with a hundred percent traffic free assurance. Location Accra have been operating since 2018, one of the major tour operators during the 2019 Year of Return initiative by the Government of Ghana. His competent staff, which consists of managers, an operation team, and a media team, manages this tour company hand in hand. who contributes to the Tour’s efficient operation. Location Accra received awards for “Emerging Brand of the Year 2021.” Kofi Anim-Danso was named the overall Entrepreneur of the Year for 2022. Location Accra was named the Consistent Brand of the Year in 2022. Kofi Anim-Danso received a certificate of appreciation from the Mayor of Luton, UK, for his outstanding hard work and support in the African tourism industry (Ghana-UK AFFAIRS). He is the CEO and founder of Location Accra.                                               VX TRAVEL AND TOUR                       This branch of the Travel and Tour company Facilitates Visa Application process clients.                                     •Provides Study Abroad Programmes for our clients.                                                  
 • Provides flights and hotel booking services for clients                                
• Creates domestics and international packages. It has a reputation for providing the best client assistance, wonderful customer service, and experiences. Kofi Anim Danso MBA is not just a CEO; he’s an award-winning visionary who has redefined the tourism sector. Through his groundbreaking innovations, exceptional leadership, and unmatched dedication to excellence, he has garnered prestigious accolades and set new industry benchmarks. Keep an eye on Kofi Anim Danso MBA as he continues to make waves in the tourism world, transforming Location Accra and Vx Travel & Tour into global powerhouses.


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