Celebrating Africa’s Giant Mc Miguel

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on March 19, 2023

Mc Miguel popularly know as the Africa’s Giant MC. Born Miguel Ankrah is a talented Ghanaian Master of Ceremonies known for his solid stagecraft. He has carved a niche for himself in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, delivering side-splitting jokes and hosting events with flair.

Mc Miguel’s journey into began in 2006 with the likes of old geez mcs like jay foley, black boy , commotion , KOD etc Worked as a residence Mc for Akwaaba uk . Hosted serial campus events and popular industry shows. Also, he has been acting for a decade now, But later took it serious and majored in his first big role in 2009. Sadia tv series on tv3, shoot a couple of series and movies. Been nominated multiple times as Mc of the year. Former tv presenter at wats up tv , ebn tv , spy tv show on tv Africa and former radio host on xlive Africa. Soon to host a show on Ghonetv. Currently a residence Mc at Moodbar – osu and exhale lounge at East Legon. Featured in multiple tv commercials like tigo, first bank , Mtn , boss energy drink , Mc berry biscuit, glo , Ernest chemist etc

Mc Miguel’s stagecraft has endeared him to many, and he has become a popular figure in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. His ability to connect with his audience and keep them engaged throughout his performances. Possesses a unique blend of wit, humor, and charisma that keeps his audience entertained and captivated.

One of the hallmarks of Mc Miguel’s stagecraft is his ability to improvise on the spot. He can adapt to any situation and make the audience laugh with his quick wit and humor. This ability has made him a sought-after MC, and he has hosted several high-profile events in Ghana and beyond.

Mc Miguel’s stagecraft is also characterized by his excellent timing and delivery. knows how to deliver a joke in a way that will elicit maximum laughter from his audience. He uses facial expressions, body language, and tone to enhance his jokes and make them more relatable to his audience.

Another aspect of Mc Miguel’s solid stagecraft is his ability to read his audience. He understands that different audiences have different tastes, and he tailors his performance to suit each audience’s needs. He knows how to engage the crowd and keep them entertained throughout his performance.

At The just ended Merqury Quaye live event, he delivered a top notch performance on stage with max the Crowd go crazy and wild. The crowd got electrified with his incredible vibe on stage.

In conclusion, Mc Miguel is undoubtedly one of the best Master of Ceremonies in Ghana. His stagecraft, which includes improvisation, timing and delivery, audience engagement, and readings , has earned him a place in the hearts of many Ghanaians. He is a testament to the fact that with hard work, talent, and dedication, one can achieve great success in any field.

https://instagram.com/mcmiguel_officiall?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= His official instagram page.

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