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Published on August 20, 2023

Dr. Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings Empowering Youth for a Greener Future

One such leader is Dr. Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings, whose recent speech on International Youth Day 2023 at the African Business Center for Developing Education had a profound effect on everyone who had the honor of hearing it.

Finding leaders that promote the cause of a greener, more sustainable future is essential in a world facing environmental issues where sustainability is crucial.

The Setting: A Forum for Green Skills and Sustainability


The event was nothing short of remarkable, with a diverse gathering of individuals, each committed to the idea of a sustainable world. The Theme, “Green Skills for Youth Towards A Sustainable World,” resonated deeply with Dr. Agyeman-Rawlings and the audience. It was a gathering where ideas and visions met, creating a ripple of inspiration that promises to shape the future.

A Visionary Voice

Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings, a prominent figure in both political and environmental circles, took the stage with an aura of authority and conviction. As the daughter of Ghana’s beloved former President, Jerry John Rawlings, and herself a Member of Parliament for the Klottey Korle Constituency, her words held immense weight. Yet, it was not just her lineage or her political role that defined her presence; it was her passion for a greener planet.

Dr. Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings

Youth: The Vanguard of Change

In her address, Dr. Agyeman-Rawlings emphasized a simple but profound message: “The youth is our future.” Her words carried the urgency that climate change demands, emphasizing that the responsibility to safeguard the environment falls heavily on the shoulders of today’s youth.

She challenged the audience to envision a world where young people are armed with the essential “green skills” necessary to drive meaningful change.

Sowing Seeds of Change

Dr. Agyeman-Rawlings drew an eloquent analogy, urging all stakeholders to “sow seeds of change” in the minds and hearts of young people. Zanetor Rawlings  emphasized the importance of education, mentorship, and investment in green industries as the means to empower the youth.

By doing so, she argued, we would not only be securing a greener future but also creating opportunities for innovation and economic growth.

A Call to Action

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Dr. Agyeman-Rawlings’ address was her call to action, didn’t just inspire with words; she ignited a collective sense of responsibility. 

Dr Zanetor urged governments, businesses, and civil society to prioritize education and training in green skills. She implored the youth to take up the mantle, to become agents of change, and to be unrelenting in their pursuit of a sustainable world.

A Brighter, Greener Future

As the commemoration of International Youth Day 2023 unfolded, Dr. Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings left an indelible mark. Madam Rawlings words resonated with everyone in the audience, reminding us all that the path to a greener and brighter future begins with empowering our youth. Through education, mentorship, and collective action, we can sow the seeds of change that will bear fruit in the form of a sustainable world.

Dr. Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings

In the aftermath of her address, the African Business Center for Developing Education buzzed with energy and enthusiasm. Dr. Agyeman Rawlings’ vision had ignited a spark in the hearts of all who attended, and it was clear that her message would continue to reverberate, guiding us toward a more sustainable and prosperous future.


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