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Published on January 14, 2024

Meet Ebony McGee, affectionately known as Big EB, born on September 18, 1986, in the vibrant city of Washington, D.C. From her early days in a household full of boys, Ebony McGee embraced a tomboy persona, engaging in sports like football, basketball, boxing, and wrestling, while her dad tried to deter attention with braids and baggy clothes. Today, Ebony exudes femininity, and you won’t catch her in anything but stylish attire.

Ebony McGee


As a licensed cosmetologist and current hair and makeup artist at CNN, Ebony’s career in television has taken her to remarkable heights. From working with global anchors and contributors to being part of significant events at the White House and political debates, she’s left an indelible mark in the beauty and entertainment industries.

Ebony’s journey includes being an instructor at Paul Mitchell The Schools, managing runway shows for Nordstrom, and serving as a brand ambassador for prestigious beauty brands. In 2023, she managed her first Nordstrom runway show, a testament to her diverse expertise.

Ebony McGee

However, Ebony McGee’s talents aren’t limited to beauty. She attended a performing arts school, where her mom’s determination secured her place. Majoring in dance, she continued her artistic pursuits at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, studying mass communications at Virginia State University. Her journey in the entertainment industry started early, including roles at top casting companies and internships at V103 Radio in Atlanta.

Being a black woman in the entertainment industry presents challenges, but Ebony McGee faces them with love and determination. Empowering herself with all her gifts has been a personal journey, and she’s working towards becoming an attorney, a goal she envisions achieving.

Ebony McGee

Amidst her achievements, Ebony’s grandmother stands out as her biggest role model and mentor. Her passing from COVID left a profound impact, but the lessons in femininity and strength endure. Ebony’s children, Adara, Andrew Jr., and Aden, inspire her daily, and her family and friends serve as additional pillars of support.

Ebony’s leadership style is a blend of empathy and directness, grounded in facts yet connected to humanity. Her turning point came in 2021, when she visited Africa for the first time, marking a game-changing experience that elevated her perspective on life.


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