Efie Nsem (Kwahu) a new single by Epixode & His KRUS

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on April 2, 2024

Music lovers and fans are charged up to shake and groove to Epixode and his KRUS’ addictive beats when they release their latest hit, “Efie Nsem (Kwahu),” on April 3, 2024.

This world-class tune is more than just a fun way to get your feet tapping; it’s also a compelling reminder to mind your business and live a drama-free life, all in a colorful package.

Derived from the English phrase “Chop Your House Matter,” “Efie Nsem (Kwahu)” is more than just music; it’s a lyrical philosophy for handling the complexity of everyday life with elegance and poise. Epixode’s distinct blend of rhythms and melodies promises to fascinate fans once more, following the success of earlier singles such as “Atia Asantewaa.”

Efie Nsem (Kwahu)


After dropping a teaser video and a flyer, fans eagerly anticipate the release of “Efie Nsem (Kwahu).” They can rest assured that Epixode’s signature style will deliver nothing short of captivating and breathtaking music. With his track record of producing chart-topping bangers, there’s no doubt that this latest offering will leave listeners craving more.

So get ready to hit the dance floor and experience the best of Ghanaian music with Epixode. “Efie Nsem (Kwahu)” is set to be another smash hit, showcasing the finest talent the country has to offer.

Don’t forget to stream on all online platforms.


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