Efya Advocates Artist Therapy

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on November 15, 2023

Inside the studio of TV3’s morning show NewDay with Efya

Ghanaian singer Efya graced the studio of TV3’s morning show NewDay, casting a spell with her enchanting presence as she delved into her music journey, her album, and the harmonious notes of her future plans.

The interview, conducted seamlessly by the ever-charming TV hosts Naa Ashorkor and Berla Mundi, took an unexpected turn as the conversation resonated with a crucial and often overlooked aspect of the music industry. In a gentle prompt, Naa Ashorkor brought forth a topic close to Efya’s heart – the importance of mental well-being in the lives of artists.

Efya, a multiple award-winning musician with a string of successes, shared her profound insights into the pressures artists face to achieve greatness. The songstress opened up about the challenges artists encounter, acknowledging the relentless pursuit of success and the toll it can take on one’s mental health.



A key moment in the interview emerged when Naa Ashorkor brought attention to Efya’s recent advocacy for artists to embrace therapy. The soulful diva expressed her belief in the healing power of seeking professional help, emphasizing that artists should not only be kind to themselves but also recognize the importance of mental wellness on their creative journey.

“Great things take time, and it’s a gradual process,” Efya remarked, echoing the sentiment that success in the artistic realm is not an overnight achievement. Her words served as a gentle reminder to artists that the journey to greatness is as much about self-care and resilience as it is about talent and hard work.

Efya’s call for artists to engage in therapy struck a resonant chord, urging the creative community to destigmatize seeking professional help. By shedding light on the emotional struggles artists face, she championed a narrative that encourages open conversations about mental health within the industry.

As fans eagerly anticipate Efya’s upcoming concert her advocacy for mental well-being adds a layer of depth to her persona, portraying not just a musical luminary but a compassionate advocate for the mental health of fellow artists. In a world where the pursuit of perfection can be relentless, Efya’s words serve as a soothing melody, a reminder that seeking help is a sign of strength, and the path to greatness is as much about nurturing the mind as it is about creating beautiful music.


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