Elikem Kumordzie Fashion Film Premiere

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Published on June 25, 2023

Star-Studded Affair Elikem Kumordzie’s Fashion Film Premiere Shines Bright at Lupita Ghana

Elikem Kumordzie Glamorous Fashion Film Was A World Class eventĀ 

Last night, the glittering world of fashion and entertainment collided in a spectacular showcase as actor and fashion designer Elikem Kumordzie unveiled his highly anticipated Pilolo fashion film premiere. The prestigious event, held at the renowned Lupita Ghana, brought together a constellation of A-list celebrities, fashion aficionados, and industry insiders, creating an unforgettable evening of style and glamour.

As the red carpet unfurled, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement, and the cameras flashed endlessly. The guest list was a who’s who of Ghana’s entertainment scene, with notable celebrities and influential personalities making their grand entrance. Among the stars in attendance was the stunning Fella Makafui, captivating the crowd with her elegance and grace. Her impeccable fashion sense was on full display, cementing her status as a true fashion icon.

Joining Fella Makafui were the dynamic duo TwinsDntBeg, bringing their signature charisma to the event. Their infectious energy electrified the atmosphere, leaving everyone in awe of their magnetic presence. Sporting stylish ensembles that pushed boundaries and challenged conventions, they effortlessly commanded attention, embodying the essence of Elikem Kumordzie’s groundbreaking fashion film.

Elikem Kumordzie
Pilolo Fashion Film


The evening also witnessed the presence of the illustrious TwinsDntBeg and Swag of Africa, renowned for capturing the essence of beauty through his lens. As a celebrity photographer, his keen eye for detail and his ability to immortalize moments in time have made him a sought-after figure in the industry. Swag of Africa’s attendance only added to the allure of the event, ensuring that every frame captured was a work of art.

And let’s not forget the enchanting Salma Mumin, whose magnetic aura lit up the night. Her captivating presence was a testament to her status as a style icon, as she effortlessly showcased her impeccable fashion sense. With every step, Salmamumin exuded elegance and sophistication, encapsulating the spirit of the fashion film and the essence of Elikem Kumordzie’s creative vision.

Elikem Kumordzie’s Pilolo fashion film premiere was a feast for the senses, a fusion of fashion and film that left the audience spellbound. The event celebrated the synergy between these two art forms, pushing boundaries and redefining the concept of runway shows. Elikem Kumordzie’s collection came to life on the silver screen, taking viewers on a captivating journey through the world of fashion and self-expression.

Elikem Kumordzie
Swag of Africa Standing With A Beautiful Lady


The night was an unequivocal success, with Lupita Ghana serving as the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary affair. Elikem Kumordzie’s Pilolo fashion film premiere will undoubtedly be remembered as a milestone in Ghana’s fashion industry, a testament to the country’s growing influence on the global stage.

There was good music and mouth watering drinks available for everyone who graced the event.

The stylish crowd left Lupita Ghana inspired and in amazement as the evening came to an end, their brains full of pictures and memories that would always be engraved in their hearts. The debut of Elikem Kumordzie’s Pilolo fashion film was a celebration of ingenuity, talent, and the unifying influence of clothing, making an everlasting impression on the industry and paving the way for a new era of outstanding fashion.

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