Epixode captivates the audience at the 2024 TGMA Awards with his spectacular performance and stylish red carpet look

Picture of Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on June 2, 2024

At the 2024 TGMA Awards, renowned Ghanaian artist Epixode stole the show with his explosive performance and flawless sense of style.

Known for his adaptability, once again proved why he is a formidable force in the music business, generating a lot of enthusiasm among fans and online users alike. Renowned for his ability to seamlessly merge genres, he gave an absolutely amazing performance.


He set the mood with a moving performance of a Highlife song before slipping into his own Dancehall sound. The crowd was enthralled with Epixode’s dynamic performance and powerful stage presence, which brought the audience to their feet. His seamless transitions across genres demonstrated his extraordinary talent and left the crowd in awe.


Epixode left a lasting impression on the red carpet in addition to his impressive performance on stage.

He attracted the attention of photographers and fans alike by radiating sophistication and style while wearing a brown suit that was finely fitted. His standing as a fashion star in the entertainment business was accentuated by the suit, which was the ideal combination of elegance and current flair.


In keeping with his spectacular performance, Epixode’s red carpet attire cemented his status as the “Energy Gad” and the “Stage Presence Gad.”

The impact of his performance was immediate, with social media platforms lighting up with praise and admiration.


Fans and industry insiders alike took to the internet to express their excitement and appreciation for his show-stopping act. Memes, clips, and rave reviews flooded timelines, with many hailing him as the highlight of the night.

His ability to engage and energize both the live audience and online viewers has set a new standard for live performances at award shows.

Epixode’s unforgettable night at the 2024 TGMA Awards has not only solidified his place as one of Ghana’s top performers.



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