Epixode on Ghanaian Artist Unity



Published on August 21, 2023

Epixode’s Insightful Perspective Ghanaian Artists Should Collaborate, Not Compete

Ghanaian music sensation Epixode, has recently ignited a discussion within the music industry with his candid remarks on the apparent selfishness of some Ghanaian artists when it comes to events and concerts, especially in comparison to their Nigerian counterparts. In a world where unity can lead to greater success, Epixode’s perspective raises important questions about the industry’s dynamics and artists’ mindsets.

Epixode raises a crucial point about the prevailing insecurity among Ghanaian artists. Many seem to feel threatened by their peers’ success instead of celebrating it. This begs the question: why do artists in Ghana feel the need to compete internally when the real competition lies on the global stage? This insecurity, as Epixode suggests, could be holding them back from achieving their full potential.



Energy Gad  plea for unity is a compelling one. Nigerian artists have long been praised for their collaborative efforts and support for each other. Epixode highlights a striking example in the form of Asake’s event at O2, where they seamlessly promoted Ruger’s upcoming event during their own show. This level of mutual support is something Epixode hopes to see more of in the Ghanaian music scene.

It’s undeniable that Nigerian artists have achieved tremendous global recognition and success. Mr Otoo observation is that this success is partly due to their unity and support for each other. Ghanaian artists could benefit greatly from studying and implementing similar strategies to boost the nation’s music industry on the international stage.

Epixode’s message resonates Ghanaian artists should shift their focus from competing against each other to competing on the global stage. The world is a vast market, and unity among Ghanaian artists could open doors to collaborations, larger audiences, and international recognition.

The openness of Epixode’s comments serves as a wake-up call for the Ghanaian music sector. It’s time for artists to put their differences aside and choose cooperation over rivalry. Nigerian musicians’ success has demonstrated how cooperation may shift the game. The success of Ghanaian musicians on the international arena, as envisioned by the stubborn Soul Jah hit maker, is not only possible but also essential for the development and evolution of the sector.


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