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Published on December 3, 2023

Exclusive conversation with Internal B about his eagerly awaited new song, “Good Morning,” on Mersey Radio

Internal B took center stage in an exclusive interview, not only to reveal his much-anticipated new single, “Good Morning,” but also to relate the remarkable story of their musical journey from Ghana to Liverpool.

The interview provided more than a glimpse into the beats and lyrics of “Good Morning.” It was a musical journey that traced internal B’s beginnings as well as the cultural fabric that forms their distinct sound. Every note pulsates with the combination of Ghanaian tradition and the vibrant energy of Liverpool, creating a perfect blend that captivates the soul.

This interview is notable for revealing the artist’s variety. Internal B alluded to headlining Liverpool’s renowned Africa OYE Festival every summer. The possibility of Internal B performances becoming a fixture at one of the city’s largest African events adds an exciting new chapter to Liverpool’s diversified music landscape.

Listeners couldn’t help but be pulled to the genuineness of the narrative as Internal B detailed his journey from the bustling streets of London to the pulsating beats of Liverpool. The artist’s relationship with their audience grew stronger as they offered personal tales, transforming the interview into an intimate conversation that surpassed the typical bounds of artist-fan dynamics.

Good Morning 

Good Morning is a top notch commercial tune. 

The anticipation for “Good Morning” reached a fever pitch as Internal B revealed the song’s development process. From studio sessions to lyrical influences, the interview provided a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a song that promises to be the season’s anthem.

Excitement for the upcoming single release Good Morning is heightened by this rare look into Internal B’s universe, which also paves the way for an enormous presence in Liverpool’s music scene. A musical revolution that welcomes an artist whose genius knows no bounds, accepts diversity, and cherishes heritage is about to take place in the city.

Get ready to be mesmerized by internal B’s lyrical magic and participate in the inevitable social media frenzy that follows. Together, let’s take this adventure and spread the beat, turning Good Morning into a global music phenomenon.

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