J.Addo A Sensational RnB And AfroBeats Star

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on January 23, 2024

J.Addo, a 31 year old superstar in the R&B and Afrobeats genres, is a native of Silver Spring, Maryland, with roots in the rich musical history of Ghana, West Africa. His distinctive songs are winning hearts throughout the globe.

J.Addo’s musical journey began in 2010, but it was in 2019, post-college, that he redefined himself as an artist, swiftly becoming a sought-after gem in the DMV area. His quick ascent is seen as he appears in magazines and on television networks, making a lasting impression on the music industry.

With a desire to fuse AfroBeat with RnB rhythms, J.Addo’s unique sound resonates with fans locally and internationally. His live performances in Washington D.C. routinely sell out, solidifying his status as an artist on the rise.



The crescendo of Addo’s career reached new heights with the release of his debut album, “Memoirs,” in 2022. The album catapulted him into the spotlight, earning him an invitation to Twitter headquarters, radio play at over 250 Downtown Locker Room stores, and participation in the prestigious Atlanta Celebrity Basketball Tournament.

“Memoirs” has not only amassed over 806K views on YouTube but also found a place in Ghana’s music television network, 3rd TV. The single “Shake” from the album is on rotation, a testament to the global appeal of J.Addo’s music.

Beyond his musical prowess, J.Addo is a force for positive change. He has graced the pages of renowned publications and networks such as BET, MTV, CBS, and ABC’s Good Morning Washington. His Bald Movement Initiative is not just a movement; it’s a revolution challenging societal norms.

This movement, accompanied by unique merchandise boldly proclaiming “Bald forever, Bald together,” is a testament to J.Addo’s commitment to instilling confidence in everyone with baldness. Breaking stereotypes, the Bald Movement Initiative encourages self-acceptance and challenges insecurities associated with going bald.

Addo’s inspiring journey is not just about music; it’s about fostering a culture of inclusivity, self-love, and breaking free from societal expectations. Through his music and the Bald Movement Initiative, he is not just an artist; he’s a visionary shaping a world where individuality and confidence shine, with or without hair.


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