Jay Wilder Championing Ghanaian Talent Through Orijin Untamed

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Gati Jesse

Published on May 21, 2024

Jay Wilder, the celebrated winner of the Orijin Untamed talent exhibition, has renewed his dedication to developing unique and undiscovered talent across the country. Jay Wilder, also known as Fred Acheamfo Okyere, hails from Kumasi and epitomizes the promise and potential of Ghanaian music, as showcased by outlets such as Orijin Untamed.

Jay Wilder

Orijin Untamed, created by Orijin—a beloved Ghanaian beverage renowned for its authentic blend of herbs and fruits—aims to discover and celebrate the country’s original talents. This initiative has provided a significant boost to exceptional talents like Jay Wilder, offering them a platform to shine and develop their artistry.

During a special tour of Guinness Ghana’s Kaase brewery, Jay Wilder expressed his admiration for the meticulous brewing process of Orijin. Accompanied by numerous stakeholders and media representatives, he witnessed the artful blending techniques and stringent standards involved in creating Orijin.

The brewery tour was capped off with a special listening session of Jay Wilder’s new songs, part of Orijinal Nights—a key component of the Orijin community. These tracks, released as part of Jay Wilder’s reward package from Orijin, highlight both his exceptional talent and Orijin’s commitment to nurturing and promoting Ghanaian artists.

Jay Wilder

The event exemplified the power of collaboration, creativity, and community in fostering moments of joy and connection. Through initiatives like Orijin Untamed, Orijin continues to empower individuals like, encouraging them to unleash their untamed potential and contribute to the vibrant Ghanaian music scene.

Orijin, founded in Ghana, has transformed the flavor landscape with its own blend of African herbs and fruits. This distinctly Ghanaian flavor sensation has made Orijin a go-to for any occasion, representing genuine good times, optimism, and vitality.

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