Joana the Multilingual Model on the Rise

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Gati Jesse

Published on April 16, 2024

Joana an aspiring young lady with a passion for languages and a drive for success that knows no bounds. Hailing from the vibrant Volta region of Ghana and currently making waves in Spain as a student at the prestigious Universidad de Salamanca, Joana is not your average model-in-the-making.

Born into a loving family as the first child of two, Joana’s upbringing in Accra, Ghana, instilled in her a deep appreciation for her roots while fostering a curiosity for the world beyond. Her educational journey led her to Sogakofe High, where she honed her intellect and creativity, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

Joana is an avid learner who goes much beyond the catwalk. After majoring in French and Spanish at the University of Ghana, she decided to take elective classes at Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, because she was captivated to the alluring rhythms of the Spanish language. However, Joana’s talent for language doesn’t stop there. She is passionate in learning Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and other languages, demonstrating her commitment to using communication to overcome cultural barriers.


While her sights are set on strutting down catwalks around the globe, Juanita’s heart belongs to the written word. In her spare time, she weaves tales and spins verses, channeling her creativity into novels and poems .

Inspired by the luminaries of the fashion world, she is determined to leave her mark on the industry. With dreams of gracing the cover of Vogue magazine, she embodies the spirit of ambition and resilience, refusing to settle for anything less than greatness.

Joana Kafui is a living example of the strength of drive, perseverance, and chasing one’s dreams as she continues on her path to become a top model in the world. Watch this up-and-coming star closely as she gets ready to take the fashion world by storm, one runway at a time.

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