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Published on November 7, 2023

Keznamdi Visit Ghana For The First Time With His Crew

Keznamdi a Jamaican artist, paid his first visit to Ghana after learning about its startling resemblance to Jamaica. His journey from Jamaica to Ghana became a delightful exploration of shared experiences and an attempt to bridge the gap between two nations.

The intriguing story begins with Keznamdi’s sister, who had been to Ghana and spent 6 months in the soil . Upon her return to Jamaica, she couldn’t help but rave about the striking similarities between the two countries. The vivacious way of living, the deep-rooted connection ,and the infectious energy of the people in Ghana had left an indelible mark on her. It was her vivid descriptions that piqued Keznamdi’s interest, igniting his curiosity about this culturally rich West African nation.

Keznamdi wasn’t content with just hearing about Ghana’s vibrant lifestyle from his sister. He embarked on an incredible journey with his camera crew to experience the magic of Ghana firsthand. His expedition was marked by capturing the beauty of the land, the rhythms of the streets, and the warmth of its people. Ghana’s rich tapestry of traditions, coupled with its deep connection resonated deeply with Keznamdi’s artistic spirit.

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During his visit to Jamestown, a historical neighborhood in the heart of Accra, Keznamdi experienced a remarkable coincidence. He stumbled upon a local resident who bore an uncanny resemblance to his Jamaican uncle. The striking resemblance was a testament to the strong ancestral connections that link Jamaica and Ghana. Keznamdi couldn’t help but marvel at the incredible power of shared heritage that transcended borders.

The reggae artist also explored the enchanting Akuma village, where he was welcomed with open arms. The vibrant atmosphere, the rhythmic beats, and the sense of unity he found there reinforced his belief in the profound connection between Ghana and Jamaica. The village visit turned into a musical jam session, where Keznamdi and the locals created a harmonious fusion of reggae and traditional rhythms.

Keznamdi’s journey culminated in a candid interview with King Lagazee on “Yaad Settingz” on Asaase Radio. The artist opened up about his incredible experiences in Ghana, underlining the parallel between the two nations’ vibrant cultures and the undeniable vibe that ties them together. This interview served as a bridge connecting the two countries, fostering a deeper understanding of their shared history and cultural bonds.

Keznamdi’s sojourn in Ghana was not just a personal adventure; it was a musical and cultural pilgrimage that aimed to unite two distant lands with their love for reggae music and their shared zest for life. His mission was clear: to breach the gap between Ghana and Jamaica, to explore the similarities that bind these nations, and to celebrate the reggae rhythms that resonate through their hearts.

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