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Published on March 13, 2023

Your Favorite Crochfit is runned by Princess Estella Quarshie a cute and energetic lady  from  Aflao in the Volta of Ghana. she is a Graduate of the biggest private university of Ghana, Central University. Her love for handy works lead her into the crocheting, because she is a fast learner and also pick up things faster especially when it’s been done by hand.   Also, she is a fashion lover and spends most of her time on the internet scrolling through for new designs of outfits. 

How I Started my crocheting Business , let me Explain that she add she gave me vivid details on that and I quote  “One day I was going through ig as usual looking for outfit I could add to my closet and I saw this crochet outfit and I loved it so I asked for the price but the price they gave me surprised me simply because I thought I could do it and the yarns 🧶 used aren’t expensive, so I decided to make the outfit myself.

 Your Favorite Crochfit

Started getting materials for it and that’s when I found out they used more expensive yarn and pin for the fits. I got really interested after making my first one so I kept trying new things, the ones I don’t know, I learn on YouTube.

I realized I could make it my business when people started making enquiries on where they can get same thing and the price I got mine.

As for challenges I’m still facing but from the beginning, just like most businesses was the capital.

Most people around me didn’t see the potential and reason for why I decided to sell crochet outfits with a degree in business management. First off, I had no job at the moment so I don’t see why not. 

Started with the little money i took from dad and I am here  now because i kept pushing and ignored every negative energy. I won’t say i have overcome all my the challenges i faced one at a time i am still pushing through.

In addition, i can’t forget the moment i felt i am doing better as compared to when i started. Finished with an order and placed the package in the hall, my dad saw it and he was impressed he then called me to discuss about it on how to expand the business. 

At a point i decided to stop for so many reasons but after that very day i say no to my thoughts, beacuse if my own dad who thought i was joking at beginning could be impressed then i can do anything.

I think there’s still alot more i need to put in to make my business know both in Ghana and the world a large, advertising more with influencers and running of promos”.

Miss Estella love to swim, dance, games  and enjoy having fun, for her upcoming projects she is lauching an new collection. 

A piece of advise to anyone who wants to make crocheting their career , “Start only when you have the passion or you enjoy doing it.

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