Mc Miguel Escapes A Fatal Car Accident

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on December 13, 2023

Mc Miguel just shared an engrossing narrative of a near-fatal accident that occurred one year ago

Renowned Award-winning MC, actor, radio host, and TV host, Mc Miguel, recently shared a gripping account of a near-fatal accident that occurred exactly one year ago. The incident, a harrowing experience on the Madina-Adenta stretch towards Dodowa, unfolded as Mc Miguel, along with two companions, was en route to an event in Somanya.

On his official Instagram page, Mc Miguel bravely posted a photo of the mangled car with a caption that resonates with positivity and gratitude: “I’m just a Miracle walking. The Grace is Uncommon.

This window into his experience not only draws attention, but it also demonstrates the strength of fortitude and divine intervention.

Mc Miguel

In a candid conversation, Mc Miguel recounted the details of the accident. Departing from Osu and navigating through the Presec Legon traffic light, their journey took an unexpected turn when a vehicle, seemingly out of nowhere, crossed their path. The collision caused Mc Miguel to lose control, resulting in a dramatic three-time somersault that left their car in a gutter, separating the back and front highway in front of Presec.

Despite the severity of the crash, Miguel and his two companions emerged miraculously unscathed. The trio, remarkably, suffered only minor scratches and a head bump. It’s a story that echoes the importance of faith, the fragility of life, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Miguel’s experience serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by media personalities and mentors in the public eye. It prompts reflection on the unseen struggles and risks they undertake daily. As we share in Miguel’s gratitude for his survival, it’s a call to action to remember our beloved media personalities in our prayers – acknowledging the hurdles they navigate beyond the spotlight.

We are all inspired by Mc Miguel’s optimistic view on life and his steadfast faith in the extraordinary grace that kept him alive to appreciate life’s blessings and stand by people who make us laugh and smile.

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