Mike Akox graced the premiere of Tiwa Savage’s groundbreaking film Water and Garri

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Gati Jesse

Published on May 11, 2024

Ghanaian sensation Mike Akox graced the worldwide premiere of Tiwa Savage’s groundbreaking film, ‘Water and Garri,’ on Prime Video. As the sun set over Beach Afrique, Mike Akox  presence added an extra layer of excitement to an already electrifying event.

The premiere of ‘Water and Garri’ was a glittering affair, with luminaries from across the entertainment spectrum coming together to celebrate Tiwa Savage’s directorial debut. Among the notable attendees were Ghanaian actress and TV host Joselyn Dumas, along with the incomparable Incredible Zigi, whose presence added an extra dash of flair to the festivities.

Mike Akox

For Mike Akox, the premiere was more than just a chance to see a groundbreaking film—it was an opportunity to forge new connections and strengthen existing bonds within the entertainment industry. Mike Akox seized the moment to meet with the director of ‘Water and Garri,’ engaging in a lively conversation that promised exciting collaborations in the future. Additionally, his encounter with Incredible Zigi, the renowned dancer, resulted in a series of captivating photos that captured the essence of the evening.

Mike Akox

Amidst the glitz and glamour of the premiere, Mike Akox’s star continues to rise thanks to his latest single, ‘Omalicha.’ With its infectious beats and irresistible melody, ‘Omalicha’ has been making waves on the airwaves, captivating listeners with its undeniable charm and undeniable energy. If you haven’t already experienced the magic of ‘Omalicha,’ now is the perfect time to tune in and discover why this banger is taking the music world by storm.



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