Omah Lay got social media buzzing

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on February 22, 2024

Omah Lay, a Nigerian artist, is making news for a hot dance he performed with a female fan at a recent concert in Amsterdam. In a series of social media videos, Omah Lay was seen playing his smash tune ‘Bend You’ from his 2022 Boy Alone album. During his performance, the singer observed an ecstatic female fan dancing with her lover in the front row.

Omah Lay gestured to the fan, saying, “Let her come up”. The young woman, overcome with joy, was assisted by her lover in climbing the stage.

Omah Lay

However, what followed was a seductive dance that left the audience in amazement. A curtain partially hid the stage, and a light shining on it revealed their figures, revealing their personal actions that astounded everyone. The dance lasted for more than two minutes.

Omah Lay really had more than a good time with fans on stage; the fan’s boyfriend looked stunned, shaking his head as his lady danced with her favorite musician. In other recordings, he is seen walking home alone from the concert.

In other videos shared, he was seen walking alone after the concert.

This has raised some reactions from the general public, with people saying the dance was taken a little too far.

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