Patoranking Endorses Epixode As The Best

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on September 6, 2023

Patoranking Nigeria’s Superstar Drops a Bombshell Epixode Crowned World’s Finest Dancehall Artist

In an exclusive interview with Joy News, the music industry was sent into a frenzy as Nigeria’s superstar Patoranking endorsed none other than Epixode as one of the world’s Best and finest dancehall artists. Hold onto your seats, because this electrifying revelation is about to shake the Ghanaian music scene to its core.

Patoranking, known for his sensational hit tracks and charismatic stage presence, left everyone in awe when he bestowed the ultimate honor upon Epixode. The Dancehall sensation was caught off guard when he shared his thoughts about the future of Highlife music genres, singling out Highlife as the genre to watch out for.

“It’s the genre of the future,”Epixode boldly declared, his voice resounding with confidence and authority. Epixode delved deep into the intricacies of Highlife music, discussing its potential to reshape the global music landscape.

In between the interview, Patoranking, who is unquestionably famous and influential, praised Epixode as one of the finest dancehall performers in the world.


Click on the link above to watch the reel on the interview

Patoranking’s endorsement wasn’t just a casual nod it was a resounding affirmation of Epixode’s incredible talent and his undeniable contribution to the dancehall scene.

Epixode was honored by World best endorsement and the was Joy written all over his face.

The endorsement is a testament to the undeniable talent and dedication of Epixode, and it’s set to catapult him to even greater heights on the international stage.

Patoranking is currently in Ghana promoting his new Album “World Best”. It’s Out Now!

Stay tuned for more electrifying updates as Epixode’s star continues to rise, and remember, you heard it here first on Theirsondiary – where you get your Juicy Entertainment News.

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