PizzaManChickenMan Workers are Unhappy

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Gati Jesse

Published on February 11, 2024

In a shocking turn of events, the PizzaManChickenMan Kasoa branch has garnered public attention for its abrupt and seemingly unfair termination of all working staff, leaving them without their rightfully earned salaries and devoid of any prior notice. The controversial decision, executed on January 31st, 2024, has raised concerns about potential labor law violations and the need for immediate intervention to address the grievances of the affected employees.

Speaking with an unhappy employee of PizzaManChickenMan Kasoa Branch who wished to remain anonymous, his frustration and anger towards the management’s approach were palpable. He voiced concerns about the lack of both a one-month salary and proper notice, emphasizing that such actions are in violation of labor laws in Ghana.


“How can someone work a full month without receiving their pay and without any prior notice? It goes against the labor laws of Ghana. Something must be done immediately to ensure fair treatment and maintain a constructive relationship between the workers and the management,” the worker passionately stated.

Employees of PizzaManChickenMan’s Kasoa branch are dealing with feelings of injustice and financial uncertainty following the sudden termination of the whole workforce. In addition to posing moral dilemmas, the circumstances emphasize the importance of appropriate communication and compliance with labor laws.

Workers are calling on labor experts and advocates to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation into the situation to ensure that the impacted workers’ rights are safeguarded. The removal without proper compensation or notice jeopardizes not only the employees’ financial stability but also establishes a troubling precedent for labor practices throughout the region.

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