Real Thymar Joins His Father At Agona Nsaba

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Gati Jesse

Published on January 10, 2024

Top Model Real Thymar Joins Forces with his Godfather Michael Blackson for a Heartwarming Celebration in Agona Nsaba

Fast Rising Top Model Real Thymar teamed up with the renowned Ghanaian American actor and comedian Michael Blackson to commemorate the first anniversary of The Michael Blackson Academy. The celebration was not just about glitz and glamour; it was a heartwarming affair that brought joy to the local community.

Real Thymar

Real Thymar, the rising sensation in the modeling world, showcased his compassionate side as he distributed goodies and gifts to the young people of Agona Nsaba during the Academy’s anniversary bash. This not only added a touch of warmth to the celebration but also provided the model with a unique opportunity to connect with the people in the community on a personal level.

Real Thymar

The Michael Blackson Academy, founded by the acclaimed actor and comedian, marked its one-year milestone with a bang. The academy has become a beacon of talent and inspiration in Agona Nsaba, fostering creativity and empowering the youth to pursue their dreams.

Real Thymar’s involvement in the anniversary celebration is not just about celebrity appearances; it’s a positive initiative that reflects his commitment to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. By engaging with the local community and sharing moments of joy, Thymar has not only won the hearts of the people but has also set a commendable example for other influencers.

This collaboration between Real Thymar and Michael Blackson is not only a testament to their friendship but also a symbol of the positive impact celebrities can have on local communities. The festivities not only celebrated success but also served as a reminder of the importance of giving back.

As the young model continues to build his career, this community-driven approach is sure to help him grow a strong and loyal fan base. Real Thymar’s connection with the people of Agona Nsaba goes beyond the runway, marking the beginning of a promising journey toward becoming not just a top model but also a positive influencer.

It’s heartening to see celebrities like Real Thymar and Michael Blackson using their platform to spread joy and make a meaningful impact. The Michael Blackson Academy’s first anniversary celebration will be remembered not only for the star-studded presence but also for the genuine smiles it brought to the faces of the young minds in Agona Nsaba.

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