Sarkodie Celebrates Daughter’s Birthday

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Gati Jesse

Published on March 28, 2023

  Sarkodie celebrates his  daughter’s birthday in a grand style at Safari Valley Resort Ghana. Ghanaian rapper , Michael Owusu Addo recently celebrated his Daughter Titi’s birthday.

The Safari Valley  Resort, located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, is one of the country’s most beautiful and serene tourist destinations. An Opportunity to bond with his daughter and create lasting memories.

The resort provided the perfect ambiance for the occasion, with its lush greenery and beautiful landscapes, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere for the celebration.

Sarkodie Celebrates

The birthday party was full of excitement and fun, as the kid was treated to various games, including water slides with the Canoe, playing with some animals around.

Sarkodie, who is known for his love for family, spared no expense in ensuring that his daughter had the best birthday celebration ever. He went all out in making sure that she had a memorable day, from the beautiful view and serene atmosphere.

 Took to his social media handles to express his love for his daughter and thank all for their best wishes. Also, he  shared several pictures and videos from the location they visited , which were well received by his fans and followers.

The Safari Valley Resort Ghana is one of the best resorts in Ghana and offers a range of activities that cater to both adults and children.

The resort is set in a beautiful location, with picturesque views of the mountains and valleys.  Making it a perfect destination for families and individuals seeking to unwind and relax.

In conclusion, Sarkodie’s daughter’s birthday celebration at Safari Valley Resort Ghana was a beautiful occasion that showcased the rapper’s love for family and his commitment to creating lasting memories.

The resort was the ideal setting for the event, and both he and his daughter had great time.
The occasion serves as reminder of the value of family and the need to make lasting memories with loved ones.



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