Sarkodie Hails Praises On Stonebwoy Again



Published on November 19, 2023

Sarkodie Waves the Flag of Support: A Shoutout to Stonebwoy’s Stellar Performance with Angelique Kidjo

Sarkodie, Ghana’s multi-award-winning rapper and artist, has come out in support of Stonebwoy following his performance with Kidjo.

when two talents like Stonebwoy and Angelique Kidjo share the stage, magic happens. The recent celebration of Angelique Kidjo’s 40th anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall was nothing short of extraordinary, with Stonebwoy’s electrifying performance leaving the audience in awe.

However, what made the event even more special was the genuine camaraderie displayed by none other than Ghana’s multiple award-winning rapper and musician, Sarkodie. Known for his talent, charisma, and passionate support for his fellow artists, the rapper once again stole the spotlight with his heartfelt shoutout to Stonebwoy on social media.


Taking to his X (Twitter )page, Sarkodie reposted a captivating image shared by 3music, showcasing Stonebwoy and Angelique Kidjo in action. The post instantly became a viral sensation, drawing in fans and music lovers alike.

King Sark’s comment was as succinct as it was impactful – a simple “Flag Up” accompanied by the Ghanaian flag emoji. This short but powerful message spoke volumes, encapsulating his pride and admiration for Stonebwoy’s stellar performance on an international stage.

What sets the rapper apart is not just his musical prowess but his consistent support for his colleagues. This isn’t the first time he’s raised the flag for fellow artists, and it certainly won’t be the last. His dedication to uplifting others in the industry has earned him accolades not only for his talent but also for his camaraderie.

Fans and music enthusiasts flooded the comment section with praises, applauding king Sark for being a true ambassador of unity in the Ghanaian music scene. In an industry where competition can be fierce, Sarkodie stands tall as a beacon of collaboration and mutual respect.

So, let’s raise our virtual glasses to Sarkodie – a trendsetter, a supporter, and a flag-bearer of Ghanaian talent. His steadfast dedication to acknowledging his colleagues’ accomplishments serves as a reminder that in the music industry, harmony—both on and off the stage—is what really sets a melody apart.

Thumbs up, king Sark

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