SDK Embraces Therapeutic Journey

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on February 27, 2024

Comedian and content creator Sadiq Sule, popularly known as SDK, has opened up about his ongoing battle with the mental distress stemming from the loss of both parents last year. However, in a recent interview on 3FM, SDK disclosed that he is actively engaging with a therapist to navigate through the challenging emotions that have impacted both his personal life and creative endeavors.

SDK shared that the haunting thoughts of losing both parents sometimes create difficult moments, affecting his craft and productivity. Acknowledging the toll it took on his inspiration, he admitted seeking therapy has proven beneficial, and situations have improved since then.


“It has been crazy since I lost both parents. That one really ate me up. So now I have gone to seek the advice of a therapist, and I’m on it. It got to the point that I am not really inspired sometimes; the work will be there, but I’m not motivated to do it,” he shared during the interview with Giovani Caleb on 3FM Drive.

Using his platform, Sadiq Sule urged individuals facing similar situations to seek help and open up for support, emphasizing the positive impact therapy sessions can have on mental well-being.

Beyond his comedic prowess, he has recently ventured into an unexpected yet fascinating space—food blogging. Renowned for his humorous skits and content, SDK’s foray into food blogging began with a promotional shoot for a photographer friend featuring Chocolate Sarayi.

The positive response to the promotional shoot prompted SDK to delve further into the world of food blogging. He recounted, “It was new in town, and a photographer friend called me and said they wanted a promo and would really like me to do it for them. So, I said fine, and we did it; people loved it, and I was like, Okay, they love the food thing, so let me do it.”

Despite the monetary benefits, SDK emphasized the challenges of venturing into new territory, stating, “It pays. But by the time you take the money and get out of the comfort zone, then the money reduces because you have a crew that you pay and all.”

SDK’s resilience in facing personal struggles, coupled with his creative evolution into food blogging, adds a dynamic layer to his multifaceted career.

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