Stonebwoy Announces Three Major Events



Published on September 15, 2023

Stonebwoy Unveils the Spectacular 5th Dimension Homecoming Edition , a monumental fusion of three mega-events: Ashaiman to the World Festival, 5th Dimension Homecoming, and the Bhim Concert

Stonebwoy, recently took to his Instagram page to drop the bombshell of the year. The Bhim Nation president announced the most anticipated event of 2023 – the 5th Dimension Homecoming Edition, a monumental fusion of three mega-events: Ashaiman to the World Festival, 5th Dimension Homecoming, and the Bhim Concert. People, brace yourselves because this promises to be the greatest concert ever!

For months, fans of Stonebwoy around the globe and Ghana had been anxiously waiting for any sign that Stonebwoy’s Bhim Concert would return, and now, their prayers have been answered in grand style. The 5th Dimension Homecoming Edition is not just a concert; it’s an experience like no other. Mark your calendars for Friday, December 22, 2023, because that’s the date when history will be made at the Accra Sports Stadium.


So, what makes this concert so monumental? Let’s dive into the details:

This event marks a glorious homecoming for Stonebwoy. Returning to the roots that nurtured his talent, he’s set to bring his global stardom back to where it all began. It’s not just a concert; it’s a journey through time and space.The Ashaiman to the World Festival has been a staple in the Ghanaian music calendar, celebrating culture, unity, and music. Combining it with the Bhim Concert creates a synergy that’s bound to elevate the entire experience.Known for its electrifying performances and jaw-dropping surprises, the Bhim Concert is synonymous with Stonebwoy’s unrivaled stage presence. With the 5th Dimension Homecoming Edition, fans can expect a concert that surpasses all expectations.The chosen venue, the Accra Sports Stadium, is no ordinary location. It’s a hallowed ground where history has been made time and again. This iconic setting is the perfect stage for Stonebwoy’s magnum opus. December 22, 2023, is etched in stone as a day of musical magic. It’s the perfect way to usher in the festive season and celebrate the end of the year with an unforgettable night.

Stonebwoy’s Instagram flyer for the 5th Dimension Homecoming Edition promises an event that defies expectations and sets the bar for concerts worldwide. The anticipation and excitement among fans are palpable , and social media has been buzzing with the news.

The 5th Dimension Homecoming Edition is a cultural phenomenon, a homecoming celebration, and a monument to Stonebwoy’s unrelenting dedication to his roots and fans.

So prepare to see history being made as Stonebwoy takes you on a musical adventure unlike any other. This is more than simply a concert; it’s a 5th-dimensional experience that will captivate you. Don’t miss it!

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