Stonebwoy Breaks Silence on TGMA Artiste of the Year Debate: Calls for Inclusive Recognition

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Gati Jesse

Published on June 7, 2024

The 25th edition of the prestigious Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) witnessed a historic moment as Reggae Dancehall sensation Stonebwoy clinched the coveted Artiste of the Year (AOTY) award. However, the buzz surrounding this accolade has sparked a thought-provoking conversation, as Stonebwoy shared his insights in an exclusive interview with Berla Mundi on TV3.

Speaking for the first time since his monumental win, Stonebwoy revealed that he was unaware of the heated debate on social media between himself and fellow nominee King Promise until just a week before the event. The nine-time Reggae Dancehall Artiste of the Year expressed his wish for the spotlight to be shared more evenly among all nominees in the category.


One thing I felt was like I wish the attention would be spread out across all the nominees because it was not only a Stonebwoy and King Promise thing,” Stonebwoy stated. He emphasized that focusing solely on two artists created an unfair perception that the other nominees’ efforts were overlooked.

Stonebwoy argued that the conversation surrounding the AOTY award should reflect the collective hard work of all nominated artists. “If the attention was extended to the other five or six nominees, then it would now become a thing of fact,” he said. By limiting the debate to just two artists, he believes it diminishes the recognition deserved by all.

The “Ekelebe” hitmaker also highlighted the role of fans in the awards process. “The fans are only supposed to propel, propagate, project the works of the artiste under the year of review and then vote—that is what I think they determine,” he added, clarifying that it is the criteria of the Ghana Music Awards that should determine the top contenders.


Stonebwoy noted that fan-driven narratives often lead to “a little bit of resentment and unhealthy competition” among artists. His call for a more inclusive approach aims to foster a healthier and more supportive environment within the Ghanaian music industry.

Despite the debate, Stonebwoy’s achievements at the TGMA were nothing short of remarkable. With 13 nominations, he took home seven awards, including Reggae Dancehall Artiste and the illustrious Artiste of the Year.

His success is due to his talent, hard effort, and undeniable influence on the music industry.

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