Stonebwoy Surprises Talented Autistic Boy with Heartwarming Gifts

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Published on May 2, 2024

Ghanaian Music Sensation, Stonebwoy, Shines Bright in Act of Kindness During World Autism Month

Ghanaian musician Stonebwoy, renowned for his electrifying performances and philanthropic endeavors, touched the lives of many through his recent act of kindness. On Monday, April 29, as the world observed World Autism Month, Stonebwoy, through his charity organization, The Livingstone Foundation, made a profound impact on the life of a talented autistic boy named Holyfield Odorba.


Holyfield, whose remarkable abilities in singing, performing, and drawing have captivated audiences worldwide, garnered the attention of 1 Gad and his foundation through viral videos showcasing his mesmerizing renditions of Stonebwoy’s songs. The depth of Holyfield’s admiration for the artist and his exceptional talents sparked a desire within Stonebwoy to reach out and make a meaningful difference in his life.

In a gesture filled with love and support, 1 Gad, through the charity arm of his Burniton Music Group, surprised Holyfield with an array of thoughtful gifts. These included packs of Bags of Lilo Rice, packs of Verna Mineral Water, Pepsodent products, McBerry Biscuits, Bigoo range of drinks, and care packages from Ghandour Cosmetics (The GC Brand), filled with essential items and comforting treats. Additionally, Holyfield received a cash gift and Tecno-branded souvenirs such as headsets and Bluetooth speakers, aimed at nurturing and enhancing his creative abilities.


Expressing his profound admiration for Holyfield, Stonebwoy shared, “It’s truly inspiring to witness the depth of talent and passion that emanates from this special young boy. His profound connection to my music is not only humbling but serves as a poignant reminder of the universal language music embodies. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to extend my support to him in any capacity possible.”

This act of kindness is not an isolated incident for Stonebwoy, who has consistently demonstrated his commitment to philanthropy over the years. Through The Livingstone Foundation, he has been actively involved in various initiatives aimed at uplifting communities and empowering individuals.


Notably, the BHIM Workshop, which provides training in areas such as small-scale farming activities, entrepreneurial development, food and agro-processing, and fashion production, stands as a testament to his dedication to fostering sustainable development.

Additionally, Stonebwoy’s efforts last year in commissioning four mechanized bore projects in four deprived communities in the Western Region further underscore his commitment to creating positive change.

As the world faces new difficulties, 1 Gad’s remarkable acts of kindness shine as a light of hope, reminding us all of the transformational power of empathy, compassion, and generosity.

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