Tems is set to embark on an Epic World Tour to promote her debut album ‘Born in the Wild

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Gati Jesse

Published on May 15, 2024

Nigerian sensation Tems prepares for her highly anticipated first world tour to promote her debut album, ‘Born in the Wild.’

Tems has revealed the itinerary for her ‘Born in the Wild World Tour,’ promising to send listeners on a musical journey like never before. Beginning in Europe in June, the tour will travel continents, thrilling audiences in North America before concluding with electrifying shows in Australia.

Despite the album’s delay from its initial May release, fans are excitedly anticipating the arrival of ‘Born in the Wild.’ Tems’ musical prowess has grabbed hearts all across the world, and her career has taken off since her debut single, “Mr Rebel,” six years ago. With chart-topping hits like “Damages” and “Free Mind,” as well as standout collaborations with industry heavyweights such as Wizkid, Future, and Drake.


From her breakout EPs ‘For Broken Ears’ and ‘If Orange Was a Place’ to her latest singles “Me & U” and “Not an Angel,” Tems has continually pushed the boundaries of creativity, delivering soul-stirring melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with audiences worldwide. Her infectious energy and raw talent have garnered her legions of devoted fans, who eagerly await each new release with bated breath.



Excited fans and music lovers are anticipating Tems’ first global tour with great anticipation. She is ready to make a lasting impression on the world music industry with her unique sound and unmatched stage presence, captivating audiences with her captivating performances.


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