The New Single by Epixode Asantewaa

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Gati Jesse

Published on November 22, 2023

Epixode, a Ghanaian award-winning music genius has released a new tune titled Asantewaa

Epixode’s latest masterpiece, “Asantewaa”! multi-award-winning artist, welcomes you on a musical voyage that crosses boundaries and redefines genres.

More than simply a song, it’s a lively story intertwined with catchy sounds that makes for an engrossing listen. Epixode’s distinctive sound takes center stage, fusing soul-satisfying jamming vibes with lyrical love songs.

Imagine an unexpected meeting with an amazing woman, as skillfully depicted in the song’s lyrics, which hint at what will undoubtedly be an amazing experience after he brings her home. Through a musical voyage into the heart and soul of this multi-talented artist, Epixode’s storytelling prowess is evident.


A fascinating and varied musical combination is in store. “Asantewaa” moves from mellow, heartfelt vocals telling stories of love to throbbing beats that invite you to get on the dance floor. It’s a genre-bending hit that exemplifies Epixode’s extraordinary adaptability.

The wait is over – The song is now available on all major streaming platforms! Join Epixode in celebrating the festive season with this chart-topping banger. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic waves of the banger and let the music carry you away. Don’t miss out on the experience – hit play and let the festivities begin

Click on the link below to stream 


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