Tiwa Savage Spills Juicy Behind-the-Scenes Details About ‘Water & Garri’ Kissing Scene

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Gati Jesse

Published on May 30, 2024

Tiwa Savage has recently revealed an astonishing and amusing detail about her preparation for a kissing scene in her debut movie, ‘Water & Garri.’

Speaking in an exclusive interview with BET, the multi-talented artist shared that she brushed her teeth about six times to ensure she made a good impression on set.

Tiwa Savage, who plays the lead character Aisha in ‘Water & Garri,’ explained that the kissing scene was scheduled for her very first day on set.

Tiwa Savage

Determined to make everything go smoothly and ensure her co-star’s comfort, she took exceptional hygienic measures. “The first day on set, I had my kissing scene.

I am glad it was my first day because I just entered it. I remember in my dressing room, I brushed my teeth like five or six times because I needed to represent,” Tiwa recounted.

Tiwa Savage emphasized the importance of being considerate towards her co-stars, noting that the comfort and hygiene of the cast can significantly impact the overall atmosphere on set.

Her co-star, Andrew Bunting, who plays Kay in the movie, also took similar precautions, rinsing his mouth multiple times to ensure a pleasant experience during their brief intimate moment.

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa appreciated the supportive and kind nature of the entire cast, which made her first day on set, marked by the kissing scene, a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Water & Garri’ has not only marked Tiwa Savage’s impressive debut in acting but has also achieved phenomenal success on Prime Video Nigeria.

The movie has become the biggest weekend opener ever for the platform, garnering the highest number of streams among all titles.

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