Twinsdntbeg Reveals Shocking Secret: How a Model Stole Their First Camera

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Gati Jesse

Published on June 18, 2024

During an interview on Jama, renowned Ghanaian photographers Twinsdntbeg disclosed a hidden chapter of their journey to stardom. The dynamic duo, known for their captivating images and sought-after expertise, shared an untold story about their early struggles, including the theft of their very first professional camera by a model. This juicy and intriguing story highlights their resilience and determination to reach the pinnacle of the photography world.

Twinsdntbeg, celebrated for their artistic prowess and influential photography, opened up about the financial challenges they faced in the beginning. They recounted how they managed to acquire their first high-quality camera—a critical tool for their burgeoning career.


A lady outside Ghana bought the camera for them, and they were to pay for it in installments. “We had to pay $700 for the camera, which was a huge amount of money,” they shared. Despite the difficulty, they meticulously paid off the camera, with monthly installments collected by the lady’s brother.

Just as they began to see the fruits of their investment, disaster struck. Twinsdntbeg had arranged a photoshoot with a model, entrusting her to start the session as they attended another event.

They had a small studio setup at their place, and upon their arrival, the camera was nowhere to be found. The model was present but the camera had vanished. “She apparently stole the camera, hid it somewhere, and then came back home, so we couldn’t suspect her,” they revealed. This betrayal by someone they trusted was a significant setback in their early career.

In a surprising twist, Twinsdntbeg recently discovered that the model who stole their camera was arrested for fraudulent charges on TikTok. This revelation, although shocking, underscores the unpredictable nature of life and the unforeseen twists that can occur.

Despite this early setback, Twinsdntbeg never wavered in their pursuit of excellence. Their relentless dedication and hard work propelled them to the top of their field.

Today, they are among the most renowned photographers in Ghana and have gained international acclaim. Their inspiring journey from struggling photographers to celebrated artists serves as a powerful testament to their resilience.

Upcoming USA, Qatar, and Dubai Tours


Twinsdntbeg’s success continues to soar as they recently announced their highly anticipated USA tour, set to take place from July to August. Following this, they will embark on tours in Qatar and Dubai in November, bringing their exceptional photography to a global audience.

For those eager to dive deeper into Twinsdntbeg’s fascinating journey and hear more about their experiences, the full interview on Jama is a must-watch. Click the link below to view the complete interview and get an inside look at the incredible story of Twinsdntbeg.

Watch the full interview on Jama


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