Unveiling the Heroism of Mama Yakagbe

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Published on May 8, 2024

Mama Yakagbe, the Ewe female warrior who served as a beacon of bravery and discernment throughout the chaotic Datsutagba war of 1866. As she stood on the shores of Anlo State, her mind ablaze with determination, used statistics and analysis to direct her fellow warriors to victory over overwhelming odds.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Mama Yakagbe found herself amidst the warriors of Anlo State, preparing to confront the challenges of war. With the sounds of the Atlantic Ocean as her backdrop, she embarked on a journey of strategic planning, recognizing the need to prioritize issues and identify critical areas for action. Drawing from her forefathers’ sacrifices and her own determination, Mama Yakagbe seized upon the tools at her disposal, including data collection and analysis, to chart a course for victory.

Mama Yakagbe

In the midst of battle preparations, Mama Yakagbe’s keen intellect led her to employ the Pareto analysis, a powerful tool for identifying the vital few contributors to a problem. With her magic bag brimming with collected data, she crafted a histogram to visualize the 80/20 principle, demonstrating how 80% of problems could be traced back to 20% of causes. By prioritizing these key areas, she empowered her fellow warriors with a clear understanding of where their efforts would yield the greatest impact.

As the Datsutagba war raged on, Mama Yakagbe’s strategic foresight and unwavering resolve proved instrumental in guiding Anlo State to victory. Her stool, now enshrined at “Atokor,” stands as a testament to her legendary leadership and the enduring power of data-driven decision-making. Today, Mama Yakagbe’s legacy lives on as one of the most powerful stools of Anlo, a symbol of her indomitable spirit and her commitment to the betterment of her people.

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