Miss Germany finalist Adwoa Tima Awuah

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Gati Jesse

Published on January 30, 2024

Adwoa Tima Awuah, a 22-year-old young lady, has emerged as a finalist, bringing a refreshing perspective to the prestigious awards show, the Miss Germany Contest

Since 2021, Miss Germany has undergone a transformative evolution, shifting from the traditional beauty contest to an award recognizing women who actively take up responsibility in society and initiate projects to enhance their communities. Adwoa Tima Awuah’s presence in the final rounds demonstrates not only her beauty but also her steadfast commitment to social change.

The founder of the Yemiyiefo Foundation (YFM Ghana), Adwoa has dedicated herself to uplifting young girls in rural areas of Ghana. The Yemiyiefo Foundation, established in 2021, has already made significant strides by providing 15 full scholarships for girls in deprived communities to complete their junior high school (JHS) education.

Adwoa Tima Awuah

Beyond scholarships, Adwoa’s foundation has organized impactful workshops in various life skills programs, positively influencing over 1000 junior high school students in the Eastern and Central Regions of Ghana. Her efforts have not only opened doors for education but have also empowered these young girls to navigate life with essential skills.

Currently, Adwoa Tima Awuah is extending her impact beyond Ghana. Her mission involves improving the livelihoods of African immigrants in Germany by providing psychosocial services that aid their integration into German society. This bold initiative has earned her a spot in the final 10 of the Miss Germany competition, making her the youngest and only black candidate in the running.

Adwoa Tima Awuah


The grand finale, scheduled for February 24 at Europapark, Germany, promises to be a celebration of social impact, diversity, and empowerment. Adwoa’s platform in the Miss Germany competition is not just about glamour but about shedding light on the challenges of migration and integration, particularly within the African community.



Speaking about her mission, Adwoa stated, “As a former migrant from Ghana to Germany, I know how challenging migration and integration can be, especially without sufficient support. My mission at Miss Germany is to create more empathy for migration and integration through a documentary. I also work at a psychosocial center to support migrants, especially the African community.”


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