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Published on December 16, 2023

Ama K Abebrese Steals the Show at Ghana Property Expo 2023 Launch

Ama K Abebrese, the renowned British-Ghanaian actress, TV presenter, and producer, graced the Ghana Property Expo in Accra yesterday, setting social media abuzz with excitement. The atmosphere was electric as fans and well-wishers flocked to catch a glimpse of this celebrated star.

Ama K Abebrese’s presence at the event added a touch of class, turning the evening into a memorable affair. The expo venue at Alisa Hotel, 21 Dr Isert Street, North Ridge, Accra, was charged with anticipation as attendees eagerly awaited the chance to interact with the talented personality.

Ama K Abebrese

What stole the spotlight, even more, was the announcement that Ama K Abebrese would not just be a guest but would also take the reins as the host and moderator for the Ghana Property and Lifestyle Expo Accra Maiden Edition 2023. The expo, which kicked off today, promises to be a unique blend of property insights and lifestyle trends, and her involvement only adds to its allure.

Ama K Abebrese’s role as the host is bound to elevate the event to new heights. Attendees can expect engaging conversations, valuable insights, and a touch of glamour as she navigates discussions on property trends and lifestyle choices.

Ama K Abebrese

For those who missed the grand opening, there’s still time to catch the action at the Ghana Property and Lifestyle Expo. Head over to Alisa Hotel in North Ridge, Accra, and immerse yourself in a world of property opportunities and lifestyle inspiration. Don’t miss the chance to witness Ama K Abebrese in action, bringing her unique blend of style and sophistication to the heart of the expo.

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