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Published on December 17, 2023

Ghana School of Law Director Barima Kodie Oppong Empowers Investors at Ghana Property Expo 2023

The Director of the Ghana School of Law, Omansomfuo Barima Kodie Oppong, took center stage on Day 2 of the Ghana Property Expo held at the prestigious Alisa Hotel in North Ridge, Accra. Investors seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of land acquisition in Ghana were treated to a brief lecture, as Barima Kodie Oppong shared invaluable legal advice and tips that promise to redefine the way properties are procured in the region.

Oppong’s presentation transcended the conventional, delving deep into the legal intricacies that often elude even the savviest investors. The audience was captivated as he unraveled the mysteries surrounding the essential legal documents required for land transactions in Ghana. With a blend of expertise and eloquence, Oppong demystified the complexities, empowering investors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions in a rapidly evolving real estate market.

Barima Kodie Oppong

One of the highlights of Barima Kodie Oppong’s discourse was his emphasis on due diligence, urging investors to meticulously examine land titles, survey plans, and other legal documents before sealing any deal. He stressed the importance of understanding the local regulatory framework, ensuring that investors not only protect their investments but also contribute to sustainable and responsible development in Ghana.

As the audience hung on every word, Oppong’s insights provided a roadmap for navigating potential pitfalls, offering a newfound clarity to those navigating the intricate world of land acquisition. His engaging delivery and ability to simplify legal jargon made the complex subject matter accessible to all, ensuring that attendees left the expo armed with actionable knowledge.

Barima Kodie Oppong

The Ghana Property Expo became a melting pot of legal wisdom and real estate foresight, with attendees expressing gratitude for the rare opportunity to learn from a luminary in the legal arena. Barima Kodie Oppong commitment to empowering investors with the tools they need to make informed decisions echoes the Ghana School of Law’s mission to cultivate legal excellence and contribute to the nation’s development.

In the wake of Barima Kodie Oppong enlightening session, the landscape of land acquisition in Ghana stands to undergo a transformation. Armed with newfound legal insights, investors are poised to make more informed decisions, fostering a real estate environment that is not only prosperous but also built on a foundation of legal integrity and responsibility. The legacy of Day 2 at the Ghana Property Expo will undoubtedly endure, as the knowledge imparted by Omansomfuo Barima Nana Yaw Kodie Oppong serves as a guiding light for those venturing into the exciting realm of Ghanaian real estate.

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