Anna Agyekum Shares Her Experience

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on December 18, 2023

Anna Agyekum:Transforming The Real Estate Industry 

Anna Agyekum, the Ghanaian-born, UK-based entrepreneur with a passion for her roots. Her journey, intricately woven with Ghanaian heritage and a commitment to excellence, unfolds as a compelling narrative that has given rise to On Point Property Consultancy and the renowned Ghana Property Expo.

Anna Agyekum’s story begins with a unique blend of Ghanaian heritage and UK upbringing. Born to parents hailing from the Ashanti and Eastern regions of Ghana, Anna’s childhood was immersed in the rich tapestry of Ghanaian culture. Her parents’ love for their homeland led them to bring Anna and her sibling back to Ghana, fostering a deep-seated connection and cherished memories of the vibrant nation.

Anna Agyekum

In 2008, Anna embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in the field of properties. Collaborating with her sister, they co-founded On Point Property Consultancy in 2015. The genesis of their venture was a realization – a gap in the market for accessible information and solutions in property development. Anna recalls, “We answered saying No not really when people asked if we knew of any developers. But we came together and said we need to do something about this, and we need to find a solution.” Thus, the seed for the Ghana Property Expo was planted.

The Ghana Property Expo, born in 2017, has since evolved into a groundbreaking platform. From its inception in London, it has continued to shine a light on the intricacies of the Ghanaian real estate landscape. Anna’s 23 years of experience in property consulting serves as the guiding force behind the Expo’s success.

Beyond property sales, On Point Property Consultancy stands as a multifaceted platform. Anna envisions taking her expertise to the United States, the UK, and back to Ghana. Her mission? To educate, empower, and provide invaluable insights into the property industry. In her words, “We are a platform providing information, teaching at the same time as well as making sales of properties.

Anna Agyekum

The recently concluded Ghana Property Expo witnessed a triumphant weekend, leaving attendees enlightened and empowered. The event featured expert panels, legal and financial luminaries, and crucially, insights on navigating the complexities of acquiring property in Ghana – a challenge faced by both the diaspora and locals alike.

As she sets her sights on expanding her impact globally and returning to Ghana to share her knowledge, Anna Agyekum is undeniably a trailblazer, building bridges and fostering growth in the world of real estate.

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