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Published on December 17, 2023

From Passion to Purpose : The Inspiring Journey of Ghanaian-UK Entrepreneur, Victoria Agyekum

Victoria Agyekum is a trailblazing entrepreneur from Ghana who now resides in the UK. She has a strong sense of national pride and an unwavering energy. Victoria’s path serves as a tribute to her dedication to Ghana’s growth and her pursuit of achievement. Born in the United Kingdom to Ghanaian parents from the Ashanti and Eastern regions respectively.

Victoria’s narrative takes flight with her pursuit of knowledge in Tourism Development in the UK, fueled by her profound love for Ghana. Her parents’ decision to immerse the family in the rich culture of Ghana during her formative years fostered a deep connection to the country, leaving her with cherished memories and a fervent desire to contribute to its prosperity.

Victoria’s journey took an unexpected turn in 2008 when she ventured into the world of properties, encountering hurdles that would have deterred a lesser visionary. Undeterred, she, alongside her sister, founded “On Point Property Management in 2015, marking the genesis of a groundbreaking venture.

Victoria Agyekum

The seeds of change were sown when inquiries about reliable developers started pouring in. Victoria and her sister recognized a gap in the market and decided to be the change they sought. This realization birthed the groundbreaking Expo in 2017, a platform that not only showcased properties but also became a nexus of information and education in the industry.

With a remarkable 15-year journey in property consulting, Victoria stands as a beacon of knowledge and experience. On Point Property Management has evolved into a multifaceted platform that not only facilitates property sales but also serves as an educational hub, sharing insights and expertise garnered over the years.

Victoria Agyekum

Victoria’s vision extends beyond borders, with plans to take On Point Property Management to the United States, the UK, and back to Ghana. Her mission is clear: to empower Ghanaians with invaluable industry insights and knowledge, demystifying the complexities surrounding property. Information, she believes, should be freely available, especially to those eager to explore the vast potential of the real estate sector.

As Victoria Agyekum continues to illuminate the path for aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, her story serves as a beacon of inspiration. Follow the journey of this Ghanaian gem as she reshapes the narrative of property consultancy, one innovative stride at a time.

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