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Published on February 5, 2024

Tasha Fierce: A Dance through Life, Love, and Healing

Born in 1990 to Jamaican parents, Tasha Fierce is not just a dancer but a captivating force of resilience, love, and empowerment. As one-half of twins, her journey unfolds with a remarkable tale of pursuing passion, navigating motherhood, and creating spaces for healing.

Tasha’s educational odyssey began at St. Hugh’s High School for Girls, and her artistic spirit found a home at Edna Manley College for Visual and Performing Arts. Here, she not only gained certification in the Fundamentals of Dance Technique but also embarked on a transformative path, studying diligently for a Bachelor’s degree in Dance Performance and Choreography.

Tasha Fierce

Throughout her journey, Tasha found inspiration in her mentor, Dionne Witter. Originally a student, Dionne became a close friend and a consistent source of encouragement, influencing Tasha to continue sharing her love for dance.

At 19, Tasha tied the knot, embracing the joys and challenges of marriage. By the age of 24, she gracefully juggled the responsibilities of being a loving spouse and a mother to three children. Despite the demands of family life, Tasha’s professional pursuits are equally noteworthy.

A versatile professional, Tasha is not only a dance instructor but also teaches yoga. Together with her husband, she co-owns an essential oil company, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit. Her commitment to holistic well-being is evident in the innovative pairing of dance and yoga through “Yoga Vybz,” a creation that she brought to life alongside a friend. This groundbreaking fusion has garnered national attention and landed Tasha on television, showcasing her ability to blend movement and mindfulness.

Tasha Fierce

Transitioning from operating a travel agency in 2018 marked a significant milestone in Tasha’s career. She redirected her focus back to her first love—dance. Overcoming the challenges of teenage pregnancy and choosing a business education initially, Tasha’s resilience led her back to the stage and the art that stirred her soul.

One of the pinnacle moments in Tasha’s career was gracing the stage in Bob Marley’s yard for his birthday, an experience broadcast nationally and internationally. Beyond her individual success, Tasha remains dedicated to creating spaces for women to heal. Her volunteer work at the Amy Jacques Foundation, linked to the wife of the Hon. Marcus Garvey, underscores her commitment to community and empowerment.

Tasha Fierce’s story exemplifies the transformational power of passion, determination, and the pursuit of one’s true calling. Her multidimensional journey, from teenage mom to dance and yoga innovator, has captivated audiences all over the world, urging them to embrace their own unique journeys with resilience and grace.

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