Black Stars Secures 3 Points in Kumasi

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Gati Jesse

Published on March 24, 2023

 Black Stars Secures 3 points in kumasi  Baba Yayra sport Stadium after winning the game against Angola. In the world of soccer, there are few things more thrilling than watching a talented player score a goal. And when that player is representing their country on an international stage, the excitement is even greater. That’s exactly what happened when the Black Stars of Ghana took on Angola in a highly-anticipated match.

The Black Stars of Ghana is the national soccer team of Ghana and is one of the most successful teams in African soccer history. With a rich legacy and a talented roster of players, they are always a force to be reckoned with on the field. In their match against Angola, they were looking to make a statement and continue their winning streak.

The game was tense, with both teams playing aggressively and fighting hard for every possession. But it was the Black Stars who ultimately came out on top, thanks in large part to their star player, who scored a crucial goal that helped secure the victory. As it Stands now the Blackstar of Ghana are on top of Group E with 7 points in the African cup Qualification. 

That star player was none other than  Antoine Semenyo , a Ghanaian striker who has been a key player for the Black Stars for over a decade. Semenyo is known for his impressive scoring ability, and he didn’t disappoint in this match. He prove himself as a game changer.

The goal came in the dying minutes of the second half of the game, with the score at 1-0 . Antoine received a pass from his teammate just inside the box, took a few quick steps, and fired a powerful shot past the Angola goalkeeper and into the back of the net. The stadium erupted in cheers as semenyo celebrated with his teammates.

Black Stars Secures 3 Points

The goal was a thing of beauty, showcasing semenyo’s skill and precision as a striker. But it was also a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Black Stars as a team. They had fought hard throughout the match and were rewarded with a well-deserved win.

For Ghanaians, the goal was a moment of national pride and celebration. Soccer is a beloved sport in Ghana, and the Black Stars are a source of inspiration and pride for the entire country.Semenyo goal was a reminder of the talent and passion of Ghanaian soccer players and a testament to the country’s love for the beautiful game.

In the end, the Black Stars of Ghana emerged victorious, thanks in no small part to Semenyo incredible goal. It was a moment that will be remembered for years to come, not just by soccer fans in Ghana, but by fans of the sport all around the world. A  first win for chris after taking the mantle as the Head Coach of the Senior National Team. Estadio 11 De Novembro Stadium, will host the Blackstar of Ghana’s return match against Angola on Monday the 27 of March,2023 5:00 GMT.


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