Borrow Us M.anifest For 5 Years

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Gati Jesse

Published on October 24, 2023

South African Fan’s Bold Request to Ghana’s Rapper M.anifest Sparks Excitement on Social Media

Fans voices often echo far and wide, and that’s precisely what happened recently when Azanian Authi, a dedicated fan of Ghanaian rap sensation M.anifest, took to Twitter to express his admiration and make an intriguing proposal. Authi’s tweet quickly became the talk of the town, as he boldly suggested that Ghanaians should ‘borrow’ M.anifest for five years and let him decide if he wants to return. The rapper’s response only added fuel to the fire, leading to a flurry of excitement online.

In his original tweet, Azanian Authi wrote, “Ghanaians are sleeping on M.anifest. They should borrow  him for 5 years, and then he can decide if he wants to come back to Ghana.” The South African fan’s love and appreciation for Manifest’s artistry were apparent, and he couldn’t resist the urge to make this bold statement.


M.anifest, known for his clever wordplay and thought-provoking lyrics, didn’t let this proposal go unnoticed. In a characteristic manner, the rapper replied to Authi with a simple “Lol, I love South Africa. I need to come back and visit soon.” This playful response showcased Manifest’s appreciation for his international fan base and created a sense of camaraderie between the artist and his South African admirers.

The tweet exchange quickly caught the attention of fans and followers across the globe. M.anifest’s loyal fan base in Ghana rallied behind him, celebrating the rapper’s talents and unique style. They expressed their excitement and pride in M.anifest’s accomplishments both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, South African fans, like Azanian Authi, felt validated and appreciated by the artist’s response, further solidifying their support.

The social media buzz around this interaction is a testament to Manifest’s ability to connect with fans beyond borders. His music transcends geographical boundaries, and his thoughtful, socially conscious lyrics resonate with audiences across the African continent and beyond.

This exchange highlights the power of social media in bringing fans and artists closer together, breaking down geographical barriers, and promoting a sense of unity and appreciation for diverse talents in the African music industry.

As the online chatter continues to grow, one thing is clear: M.anifest’s music is a unifying force that bridges gaps and brings people together, no matter where they come from. The call to “borrow” him may remain playful banter, but it has certainly sparked a global conversation, celebrating the music and culture that transcends borders.

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