Edem’s Revelations About Awards Schemes



Published on October 24, 2023

Ghanaian Artists’ Struggles with Awards Schemes

With numerous awards schemes and accolades up for grabs, artists invest their talent, time, and effort to secure a spot in the limelight. However, beneath the glittering surface of these awards schemes lies a harsh reality that many artists face, as recently revealed by Edem, a prominent Ghanaian musician.

During a candid interview, Edem unveiled a disheartening experience he encountered with an awards scheme, shedding light on the troubling plight many artists face in their quest for recognition. He boldly stated, “An awards scheme contacted me to perform for free in exchange for Awards and a video shoot, but I declined.” The shocking revelation is a stark reminder of the challenges artists confront in the industry.

Edem’s choice to decline the offer is evidence of the artist’s persistent dedication to the worth of his work. It underlines the value of appreciating artists for their talent and dedication as opposed to taking advantage of them for one’s own gain. Unfortunately, Edem’s tale is not unusual in the Ghanaian music industry.

Awards schemes


Many artists, particularly those striving to establish themselves, find themselves at the mercy of awards schemes that demand free performances in exchange for trophies and exposure. This practice not only devalues the artist’s artistry but also undermines the integrity of the awards schemes themselves.

The awards schemes play a vital role in promoting Ghanaian music on a global scale, but their credibility and transparency are crucial. Instances where artists are asked to perform for free raise questions about the authenticity of the recognition they receive. Are these awards truly a testament to an artist’s talent, or are they a product of compromise and favoritism?

It’s imperative that both artists and awards schemes work together to address this issue. Artists must stand up for their worth and refuse to participate in unfair deals. Awards schemes, on the other hand, must establish fair and transparent procedures for nominating and recognizing talent.

Edem’s revelations serve as a wake-up call to the entire Ghanaian music industry. The focus should be on celebrating the music and the artists who create it, not on exploiting their dreams and aspirations. Artists should receive the recognition and support they deserve without compromising their dignity. The true essence of music should always shine through, undiminished by the shadows of unfair practices.


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