Cina Soul Wild Freestyle Of Non Stop



Published on August 9, 2023

Cina Soul’s Mind-Blowing Teaser Leaves Fans Begging for More

Cina Soul unleashed a teaser that’s sending shockwaves through social media

In an electrifying surprise the sensational singer-songwriter Cina Soul has dropped a jaw-dropping freestyle of Stonebwoy’s hit track “Non Stop,” of his 5th Dimension Album and believe me when I say, it’s nothing short of legendary.

Cina Soul

With her velvety vocals and a mesmerizing stage presence that oozes pure star power, she effortlessly transformed the studio into a realm of musical enchantment. Fans were left speechless as her rendition of “Non Stop” captured the essence of the original while adding her own unique twist that has the internet buzzing with excitement.

But it doesn’t end there – the reactions pouring in have been nothing short of extraordinary! Social media platforms have erupted into a frenzy as fans and music enthusiasts alike showered Ci praise for her flawless delivery, top-notch lyrics, and, let’s not forget, that cute-as-a-button voice that’s simply irresistible.

Cina Soul

The anticipation for a potential collaboration between Cina Soul and the multi-award-winning phenomenon Stonebwoy has reached a fever pitch! Comment sections are overflowing with fans expressing their fervent desire to witness these two musical powerhouses join forces for a track that could redefine the very fabric of Ghana’s music scene. After watching kla Manye’s freestyle, Stonebwoy wrote “fire” in the comment area.

Will Cina Soul and Stonebwoy heed the call of their adoring fans and bless us with an epic collaboration? Only time will tell, but for now, we’re left to bask in the glory of Cina Soul’s freestyle mastery and eagerly await what promises to be a seismic shift in the music industry.

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