Efya delivers a jaw-dropping performance at Kizz Daniel’s 10-year concert in London

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Gati Jesse

Published on May 7, 2024


Ghanaian music icon Efya, known as the “Big Dragon” of Ghana music, stole the spotlight at Kizz Daniel’s full live band concert, marking his remarkable 10 years on stage. Held at the illustrious OVO Arena Wembley in London on May 6, 2024, the event was a celebration of talent, passion, and unforgettable performances.

As a special guest artist, she performed in a gorgeous outfit, demanding attention with her unmistakable charisma and stage presence. From the time she entered the spotlight, it was evident that viewers were in for a treat, as she unleashed her contagious and compelling voice, igniting the atmosphere with her spectacular performance.

Efya’s playlist featured a selection of her most popular songs, each carefully chosen to keep the audience on their feet and the energy levels high.


Her stage presence was obvious, and she effortlessly captured the hearts of music fans and newbies alike.

Efya’s amazing performance at Kizz Daniel’s concert is just one of many unforgettable performances she has given during her illustrious career.

Despite releasing a much-anticipated EP, she shows no signs of slowing down, continually gracing stages with her A-game and leaving audiences speechless. From the recent Medikal O2 Indigo performance to countless other events, Efya’s remarkable talent and passion for her art continue to set new standards.


Efya’s excellent vocals and distinct stage presence have cemented her status as a force in the Ghanaian music industry and beyond. Her nomination for the next GEA USA demonstrates her lasting influence and popularity among followers worldwide. As awards season approaches, music fans are encouraged to show their support by voting for this exceptional performer who never disappoints.




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