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Published on June 20, 2023

Epixode The Ghanaian Superstar Swinging Into New Heights At Achimota Golf Club

Epixode is a name that stands out in the world of Ghanaian entertainment for its dynamic performances, alluring lyrics, and distinctive style. But this gifted singer shocked both his followers and the general public when he recently set out to conquer an entirely other kind of venue the lush fairways of the exclusive Achimota Golf Club. Epixode’s passion for golf has led him on a thrilling journey of self discovery, displaying his adaptability and drive to succeed in spite of obstacles. Let’s get into the engrossing story of Epixode as he travels to new places on the golf field.


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Epixode has established himself as a household name in the Ghanaian music scene thanks to his explosive on-stage persona and contagious Reggae/Dancehall, highlife music Great minds, however, as the phrase goes, “never settle.” Golf is a game that combines accuracy, strategy, and a dash of delicacy. Epixode took to golf in search of fresh challenges and ways to showcase his abilities. The Achimota Golf Club, which is situated in the energetic city of Accra, has long been known as a refuge for golf fans. This lovely club offers the ideal setting for Epixode’s golfing aspirations, nestled among lush vegetation and with well-kept fairways. He committed himself to learning the sport.

Epixode’s decision to take a break from studios to golf may seem like a sudden change, but this gifted artist is accustomed to hard effort and dedication. He embraced the game with the same zeal and enthusiasm that helped launch his music career. Epixode attacked golf with the same zeal that made him a chart-topping celebrity, spending endless hours on the driving range, polishing his swing, and improving his putting.


Golf is not the only sport that Epixode has dabbled with. Fans and aspiring golfers alike were impressed by his desire to move outside of his comfort zone as word of his debut into the sport spread. His experience serves as a reminder that accepting hardships and pushing boundaries are essential for genuine growth. Epixode has demonstrated that regardless of one’s background, desire, tenacity, and a willingness to learn may open doors to new possibilities.

I think they occasionally need a vacation from work so they may mingle with nature and have fun. He looks wonderful dressed for the golf game and the change of scenery will provide him additional inspiration for his next music recordings.


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The Achimota Golf Club decision by Epixode to take up golf has turned out to be an interesting chapter in his artistic career. By defying expectations, he has demonstrated that great genius has no bounds and success has no upper limit. Epixode has demonstrated that it is never too late to pursue new opportunities with his persistent tenacity, inspiring both his fans and fellow artists. Silent moves he says, a text under his post on Instagram.  Anticipate some new tunes from him pretty soon.

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