Epixode Takes Germany by Storm: Open for Bookings and Teases New Single

Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on March 23, 2024

Ghana’s multifaceted artist, Epixode, is currently making waves across Germany on a tour that promises to be both electrifying and memorable. Despite being abroad for tour and recreational purposes until April 13, this talented artist hasn’t put his artistic prowess on hold.

In a move that has event organizers buzzing with excitement, Epixode has made it known that he is available for bookings during his time in Germany. Whether it’s a private gathering or a large-scale event, Epixode is ready to bring his unique blend of music and entertainment to any stage.

Fans and event organizers alike have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to experience Epixode’s dynamic performances live, and now, with his presence in Germany, the chance has never been closer. high-energy performances and captivating stage craft.

Epixode has proven time and time again his ability to captivate audiences of all sizes.

But that’s not all. In addition to his tour and availability for bookings, he has also dropped a tantalizing hint about his upcoming single, set to be released as part of his highly anticipated album, The SOL Album. With his signature blend of top-notch beats, meaningful lyrics, and irresistible hooks, this upcoming single is sure to be a hit among fans old and new.



As Epixode continues to make waves both at home and abroad, now is the perfect time for event organizers to seize the opportunity to book this talented artist for their upcoming events. With his infectious energy, undeniable talent, and undiluted dedication to his craft, the music is guaranteed to take any event to the next level.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience Epixode live in Germany or to book him for your next event. Stay tuned for updates on his tour, upcoming single, and much more as this dynamic artist continues to make his mark on the global music scene.


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