Epixode Talks About The Rhythms In Ghana

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Gati Jesse

Published on August 23, 2023

Epixode Explosive Revelation Uncovering Ghana’s Hidden Rhythmic Goldmine

When the Energy Gad himself Epixode, invited us into his mysterious musical sanctum in the heart of Accra, we had no idea what we were in for. Little did we know, we were about to embark on a thrilling journey into the uncharted territory of Ghanaian rhythm, a journey that would shake the very foundations of the music scene in this vibrant nation.

Epixode, the multi-talented sensation who’s taken the Ghanaian music industry by storm, greeted us with a smile that radiated enthusiasm. His humble studio, adorned with awards and accolades, instantly set the stage for what would become an electrifying discussion on rhythm, culture, and the untapped potential that lies within.



As the discussion began, Epixode pulled no punches, “We’ve only scratched the surface of the rhythmic treasure trove that Ghana holds. Our indigenous sounds are a goldmine waiting to be explored, and I truly believe that artists like me can create chart-topping hits from these local gems.”

His eyes sparkled with the passion of a true artist, a passion that was about to manifest in a way we never expected.

Returning with a grin that could light up the darkest night, he revealed a secret project he’d been working on a collaboration with a group of exceptionally talented but underprivileged musicians from a remote Ghanaian towns.

“These young talents have rhythm in their veins, but they’ve been overlooked for far too long,” Epixode said. “I wanted to give them a chance to shine.”

As the teaser tracks from this secret collaboration echoed through his studio, it was clear that we were witnessing something extraordinary. The fusion of Epixode’s urban flair with the authentic, raw rhythms of these young talents created an explosive musical concoction.

With a twinkle in his eye, Epixode dropped the bombshell – this project was just the beginning. He planned to mentor and uplift artists from all corners of Ghana, shining a spotlight on their indigenous sounds and traditions.

Resonance of those unheard, uncharted beats continued to resound in our brains as we exited Epixode’s studio. By locating the undiscovered gems of rhythm and disseminating them to the world, The Energy Gad is ready to breathe fresh life into Ghana’s music landscape.

I was surprised to find a gift from the Energy Gad in my wallet when I received a surprise alert. I was moved by the generosity of the giver.

He also discusses how we can create high-quality sounds with local instruments found around us. He said and I quote “Now sef adey learn how to play calabash, wey it Dey produce wild sounds oo bro”.

The journey has just begun, and it’s bound to be an electrifying ride. Stay tuned as we follow the rhythm of Ghana’s heartbeat, courtesy of Epixode Music and his quest to make waves with indigenous sounds. The foundations of Ghana’s music scene are about to be shaken, and you won’t want to miss a beat.


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