Fella Makafui is set to release the blockbuster “Resonance,” a Symphony of Death with an A-List cast

Picture of Gati Jesse

Gati Jesse

Published on April 24, 2024

Ghanaian business mogul, actress, and filmmaker Fella Makafui prepares to rock the entertainment world to its core with her new film, “Resonance.” This highly anticipated production promises to fascinate viewers and keep them on the edge of their seats, setting new standards for quality in Ghanaian cinema.

Resonance” boasts an ensemble cast of top-tier talent, ensuring a spellbinding performance that will leave a lasting impression. Fella Makafui, not only the producer but also a leading lady in the film, brings her trademark charisma and presence to the screen. Joined by a host of esteemed actors and actresses, including some surprise appearances, the chemistry among the cast members promises to elevate the film to new heights.


“Resonance” is directed by the visionary Maxmore A Bakare and benefits from the creative talent behind the camera. Bakare’s great eye for detail and storytelling skills are visible in every shot, laying the groundwork for an immersive watching experience. From dazzling sights to heart-pounding action sequences, the film has been deliberately produced to perfection.


For those eager to see what “Resonance” has in store, Fella Makafui has generously given an intriguing preview on her Instagram page. The teaser, which provides a tantalizing glimpse of the thrills and excitement that await, has only served to heighten anticipation for the film’s premiere.



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